Creating The future

Blue Flower group, it’s an investment group, working in multi fields, our aim is to create the best future, and draw generations dreams, especially in the Middle East and generally in the world.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to find the best for the community and the upcoming generations, that goes with our main mission and goal which is finding the best for the community and generations by innovation, and deliver products and services that exceed the customers’ expectations and build future.

Understanding customer’s needs

deeply get and understand the customer needs, wants, demands, and delivering what exceeded expectations

You Are the Customer

our customer is you, no matter if you're the head of multi branch company, or if you're a single indivisual, we're always here to fulfill your requirements and provide the best of our services

Our Sectors


Blue flower delivers up to date labs, for educational or industrial usage, dealing with the best suppliers around the world.

Blue flower has specialized research and development department that modify or create labs (educational or industrial usage) according to the customer need.

Oil and gas

Blue flower deliver full control and management solutions systems in oil and gas fields, like controlling, monitoring, automating and alarming systems.

Blue flower also provide customized control and management solutions systems according to the customer needs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Blue flower deliver full solution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that serve in multi sectors like oil and gas, military sectors, research and constriction.

Blue flower has a capability to detect customer need, and deliver customize Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) according to customer budget.

Engineering – procurement – construction

Blue flower deliver full turnkey projects, from research and recognize customer needs to run the project.

Blue flower dealing with industrial and mining sectors.

Security and defense

Blue flower provides technology to achieve high level of security and safety for both data and humanity

Working with international standards, and latest technology, to deliver full solutions that safe community.

Educational technology

Blue flower provide new way of technology that increase the education process efficiency.

Blue flower educational solutions are customized according to the customer culture and needs.

legal services

Blue flower provides all legal consultation services inside republic of Iraq, for customers inside or outside Iraq, serving those customers by network of offices around the world.

natural products

Blue flower delivered natural products for nutrition and treatment, with specialized consulting team that provides customized advises.

About us

Blue Flower group, it’s an investment group, working in malty fields, aim to create the best future, and draw generation’s dreams, especially in the Middle East and generally in the world.

We know our job

we've been and we will always be the best at working your requirments at the insurance that we're goin to meet your needs along with your best of interest.

innovation agency at the cutting edge of trends, technology and contemporary aesthetics, Together we can create visionary projects that will push boundaries and set your brand apart in the digital era.

our foundation is based on client satisfaction via long-term relationships and this is only part of the way we try to make sure our clients are confident that they will receive an honest service, from an honest company, We always try to provide high quality and cost-effective services.

We deliver Custom made solution that’s tailored to your purpose, it's built only for you and you are the boss when it comes to how it works. BlueFlower can streamline the technical side of your business by combining all of the elements of a boxed solution you desire while leaving out all the unnecessary parts you don’t use.

Professional staff

our staff is availble and working 24/7 along with the long time experinces and Empowering Skills to make sure that they deliver all the information you need about new solutions or just to answer your questions.

Quality solutions

a mistake makes an error, and we make sure that you don't have any, and our solutions are 100% and more, always making top quality makings, made and designed specially to meet your needs, always made from scratch and independent of any other projects.

Quick response

you can always contact us to get the fastest reply with more realible information about a current in the making projects and deliverys or new ones to be made specifically for our valuble customer, you can also keep track of your projects by requesting a progress report that will be dirceted immidiatly.

Modern Tech

We use the latest up-to-date tools to make the job meet top standards and best practices making sure that it's at the top of it's functionalty requiring that you only use it with us guaranteing for the present life time.

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